We Are Legend

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We Are Legend

Hannah Coleman

My entry expresses the values of true friendship and mature love in the form of a love poem written to my best friend. I listened to the flying theme from How to Train Your Dragon whilst I wrote this because it encapsulates my feelings perfectly. Excitement and anticipation; combined with repeating motifs which reflect the stability of a mature love. Since my best friend moved thousands of miles away, our friendship is carried across the ocean in letters, and so we are always expressing our feelings in words. I believe a mature love is one which is not hidden or secretive, which is not centred around negativity, but around a love for life. I have experienced many toxic friendships in the past, and I believe that real friendship is underrated. True love may be platonic, just because there is no romantic attraction there, it does not mean your feelings are any less valid. A mature love is one without any fear of rejection or judgement; a love without jealousy or doubt. True friendship improves your well-being and platonic love should never be under-estimated.



WritingJohn Byrne Award