No Label, No Box

No Label, No Box

Georgia Gardener

My painting looks at the prominent issue of gender in today’s society.  From a young age we are put into boxes and labelled and we then live very different lives depending on the label we are given. I want people to question whether gender labels are necessary. I personally believe that they are irrelevant and should not change anything in a situation, but for many there are preconceived ideas about gender that have been forced upon us by societal norms. In my work I show the viewer that the inequalities are not only unnecessary but harmful. I challenge the viewer to think of individuals not as male or female but as human as I really believe that this is the first step to achieving equality. After all it is Human Rights, a term that is misused by many to discriminate against minorities.

In my opinion the rigidity that gender is looked at is very unhealthy and in my portraits I aim to portray a fluidity. I aim to make people question which portrait represents the external person and which represents the person within. Some may consider this as juxtaposition of male and female bodies. However, I believe that one’s identity is not necessarily confirmed by their sex as for many their physical self and mental self don’t necessarily correlate.


VisualJohn Byrne Award