Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Elizabeth Orr

2016 has been a pretty crappy year. Trump got elected, backlash against the migrant crisis has never been worse, and to top it all off, Toblerones now have spaces bigger than the wage gap. With all of these atrocities, it's easy to forget how great humble things are. Spirits should all be high right now with the holiday season; full of it's tasty comestibles, newly embraced ‘hygge’ and toasty seasonal sweaters. I figured I'd continue this lifted mood by presenting a painting that shows humankind's truest friendship: people and their pets. I once read that if you yawn and your dog yawns soon after, it's a sign of empathy. I like to think that it's the same when you find yourself dosing off next to a sleepy animal. There's a sense of mutual trust between the two of you. We enjoy their company, their loyalty, and that thing that they do where they chase their tail.

So that's why, as 2016 draws to a close, I say we focus on all the great stuff we have, like chocolate oranges (which were always better than Toblerones anyway) and our pets, who stick beside us no matter how much we complain about Brexit.


VisualJohn Byrne Award