Dog Women

Dog Women

Eleanor Yates

In this digital piece, I have chosen the value "A World of Beauty". I decided to warp the typical and well-known image of beauty in women into something more seen by most as disturbing, strange or even grotesque. I believe that there is a pressure on women in our society to have a certain appearance, to look femininely beautiful and have a certain kind of body in order to appeal to others; I would say that this piece aims to defy these standards and changes the definition of what is considered beauty for women in our world. 

Not only is this piece related to the physical appearance of women, but also their expected behaviour. Even in today's society, if a woman were to express herself as anything other than prim, clean, feminine, or anything else that people expect from meeting a woman, the most probable reaction would be some sort of backlash towards it. Increasingly, the media creates a very powerful influence which can be just as destructive as well as positive. It is important to know that, despite what a lot of people think, women are extremely diverse. They can be "gross", and can still be beautiful.


VisualJohn Byrne Award