Coral Aston, Hope


Coral Aston

Every day, there is conflict all around the world. Whether it be a household dispute or a vicious war, conflict surrounds us all. We allow our children to grow up playing violent video games, but, in reality, the environment we live in could be just as dangerous. Conflicts abroad see innocent people dying. Closer to home, in the U.K. we are experiencing terrorism in our largest cities. It doesn’t matter where we live, if it be in a war zone or in a city, it doesn’t matter what our skin colour, race or background is, any of us could be attacked and harmed for no reason. It is for this reason I have created this piece, we are living out our lives every day, not being able to foresee if something tragic was to happen. We see normal people on their holiday getting caught up in terrorist attacks, hear their accounts and what they experienced. Such misfortune could happen to anyone. Humanity must stay strong and stay united. We should never be scared. We should stand by one another and never lose hope.


The John Byrne Award