Self Worth

Self Worth

Chrisanne McCulloch

By shedding the skin all that is inside is revealed: how you treat yourself, the thoughts that run in and out of your mind, your obsessions and passions, the stifled red running hatred, political pains, and spirituality.

By twisting this portrait into an unnatural pose shows influence of Schiele’s ability to express abstract concepts with human bodies in my work. Each symbol within the portrait is centred on the concept of self and the understanding of who we are. There are many chaotic characteristics to a human being, - often physical and mental defects.  As we are all made from countless things yet are stuffed into a fleshy body and made to wander the world. The portrait addresses how we are physically, as well as mentally, present in the universe and still retain a sense of self. The heart being a core of the portrait in is painted is in a constructivist in style yet is till passionate and colourful acting as an ironic symbol of the lack of logic in love, while other similar symbols also express other ironies.


VisualJohn Byrne Award