A Changing Tide

A Changing Tide

Anna Coull

Dementia is one of the primary causes of disability within the elderly in the UK. It is ahead of diseases like Cancer yet there is less Government funding, research or understanding of the disease. ‘A changing tide’ tells the story of an old couple in which the wife is suffering from Dementia. I wanted to write a creative story to portray the devastating effect this disease has on the invalid but also the emotional strain it has on their loved ones. The title ‘A changing tide’ relates to the idea that symptoms of Dementia such as memory loss can come about quickly and then disappear just like a wave at sea but also references the alteration it can have to a person’s character or actions. I wanted the reader to be drawn in, to follow the life of the couple and understand their deep connection despite illness.

Throughout the story nautical references are used to subtly inform the reader of the reality of Dementia being a terminal disease and the unpredictable/changeable nature of the symptoms. In addition, I have always loved the sea and would go to Gamrie when I was little with my own Grandparents to go out fishing and visit family.


WritingJohn Byrne Award