Who We Are...

The John Byrne Award is designed, managed and delivered by The Iris Initiative, a Scottish Charity. The Iris Initiative is run by Niall and Liam from our office in Edinburgh and is regulated by our board of trustees. The Iris Initiative does not promote any one particular value over another and receives support and core funding from Cairn Energy.

If you’d like to talk to us about what we do, please get in touch:


What We Stand For…

Our purpose is to facilitate the consideration of and debate about values. Our vision is a world in which the explicit consideration of personal and group values is widely practised as an integral part of the informed decision making process. It is the belief of The Iris Initiative that by understanding, articulating, and acting with reference to their values, both individuals and groups will act more consistently, and subsequently, they will be more likely to achieve their goals. 

Our Definition of Values…

There are many different definitions of values. We use Common Cause’s definition of values:

“Values represent our guiding principles: our broadest motivations, influencing the attitudes we hold and how we act.”

How We Approach Our Work…

  • We contextualize the discussion of values within practical, societal contexts.
  • We aim to present the work of our contributors in universally accessible spaces.
  • We work across all sectors of society, assuming an inclusive rather than exclusive approach.
  • We are ardently nonpartisan when it comes to values. We do not promote any one particular value over another.
  • We seek to promote respectful debate about values and open-mindedness to alternative perspectives. We do not facilitate the promotion of any ideas that do not support the aims of The Iris Initiative. For our statement on freedom of expression, please request a copy via email